ATXL.NET, a division of Helix Computer Systems, has been serving the Internet access needs of Central Virginians since 1998.

ATXL.NET features wireless, point-to-point access that beats DSL and Cable hands down.  

We offer service plans from basic 56k dial-up to ultra high speed 10mbps access, hosting, e-mail and more.

"Broadband the way it should be"

ATXL.NET pioneered wireless Internet that establishes radio-like links between you and the Internet and/or two or more networks. Wireless data moves faster, is not adversely affected by weather, and requires much less equipment and maintenance than conventional connections.

          99% uptime, always-on connection, 24/7 support
Bi-directional (same upload & download) speeds
Most secure Internet access available
Faster & less expensive than dial-up, DSL and cable
Goes places others can't